Welcome to Studio 9½, my commercial design and photography portfolio. I have experience with interactive publication design, timelapse, technical, repair documentation, and portrait photography, page layout design, web design, and brand development. All work is displayed for portfolio purposes only and is the property of Matthew Basile and the respective clients.

Why Studio 9½? In the words of John Adam Belushi, “why not?” Ok, seriously. When I started exploring areas of Monterey County to take pictures in I came across some old loading docks in Fort Ord. There was one doorway with a sign that always intrigued me, partly because of the perfectly balanced photographic framing it provided, partly because of the textures, and partly because the sign read “Fallout Shelter No. 9½;.” Why 9½? I did not see any signs for shelters 9 nor 10, only 9½. Therefore, Studio 9½ is my personal homage to where my visual creativity began.

Fallout Shelter 9½

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